Sacred Money Code
Uncover money blocks and barriers that are stopping you from increasing your income
In This Free Masterclass You Will Learn. . . 
  •  The exact fears and barriers that keep women behind (and how to finally overcome them)  
  •  Why the secret to meeting YOUR definition of success isn’t in more strategy or more information
  •  How to listen to your intuition, especially when it’s giving you tips and insights around money 
  •  What you can do TODAY to immediately release money traumas and increase your income  
And So Much More
About Malaine Lea
Malaine Lea is a wealth mindset coach and lifestyle architect who supports women in transitioning into purpose-driven lives full of passion, abundance and ease. Malaine has supported dozens of women in growing their income to multiple 6 figures. Malaine helps women uplevel all areas, not only creating greater cash flow but also more connection, intimacy, bliss and even time. Prior to supporting women in clearing money blocks and claiming their fullest potential, Malaine was a sales executive who knew exactly what it was like to make a boat load of money but still feel unfulfilled (and experience addictions, unhealthy weight obsessions and low cash flow as a result). Discovering her true purpose of uplifting women all over the world has allowed her to not only support her clients with business and sales strategy but also with deep healing work, because yes—it really is all divinely connected. New Jersey born, Malaine lives with her husband and their sons in Auckland, New Zealand.    

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